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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
# Color: Red/Magenta/Black All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
# Coverstock: R2X™ Solid Reactive
# Weight Block: Continuum™ Core
# Ball Finish: 2000-grit Abralon
# Flare Potential: 5”-6” (Med-High)
# RG: 16 - 2.49, 15 - 2.51, 14 - 2.55
# Diff: 16 - .49, 15 - .48, 14 - .45
# Fragrance: Fruit Punch

# Description: Enter…a new Dimension. At the heart of the Dimension is the all new, technologically advanced Continuum core, unique in that it merges two identical asymmetric halves 90 degrees, yet creates equal mass displacement (symmetry). Encasing the new Continuum core is Storm''''s R2X, a product of continual evolution and refinement. Send your game into the next Dimension…



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Re: Dimension
« Reply #61 on: March 02, 2009, 04:37:12 AM »
Just got it drilled on Fri.and tried it in league(THS)I ALWAYS have to mess with the thumb hole a little at first.Once I got the feel I wanted.I shot 243.I had it drilled to be a little smoother than my 2nd.Dim.I can play outside after the oil is pushed out and it recovers great.
More to come after I've got more games on it.
Jeff(A.K.A.The Bowling Bear)


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Re: Dimension
« Reply #62 on: July 22, 2009, 05:36:25 PM »
See profile for stats.

Lay Out: 5" from PAP at 40* PAP angle and 75* VAL angle. The pin ended up under my ring finger. There is a 7/8" weight hole 2 1/2" down the VAL drilled 3" deep.

Surface: I have left it box which is 2000abr.

Purpose: This was a warranty replacement for an Attitude Shift that I just loved. I spoke with Victor at Storm and described what I loved about my Attitude and this was his suggestion. This ball puts an earlier, stronger surface slower-response ball in my bag.

Lane condition Observations: I have thrown this on Kegel's Middle road pattern, our house shot, and the PBA X Viper. The surface/cover gives me a good strong read but the layout helps it slow down on the backend (control). I have used this ball when there is more oil in the front and the back is clean since it "lays off" and keeps me close until the pattern starts to transition.

Final thoughts: I believe that folks forgot how good this ball really was as "Virtual Gravity" mania swept the league bowling world. Tournament players can benefit from having a stronger coverstock ball like this that is slower response. This type of ball lets you control the longer patterns on the fresh until the lanes change and you need a stronger response off the friction like a VG or Rogue Cell. This can also be a great ball for the whackers in the crowd as it will slow down in the back kind of like the old Big B reaction of a few years ago.
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Re: Dimension
« Reply #63 on: October 15, 2009, 07:19:41 PM »
very visital ball. able to play around all types of bowlers and bring out their strong points. depending on drill pattern the ball may be used on any surface.
Kevin Brophy William Paterson Bowling Team


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Re: Dimension
« Reply #64 on: October 19, 2009, 06:40:34 PM »
My Dimension is drilled pin under the ring finger CG kicked off the midline with a low weight hole. This ball is my strongest ball in my arsenal and has almost the same drilling as my VE. This ball can be used on the heaviest of oil patterns and will still roll strong enough to reach the pocket. Great ball to play up the boards with as well as deep inside. It has a good roll and can turn the corner and carry well from the inside part of the lane.
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Re: Dimension
« Reply #65 on: June 23, 2010, 12:53:59 AM »
First I got this ball from a friend and tried it out that night.The first shot I threw was pretty much dead flush. It has a very strong backend and ever since that night i throw this ball every time I bowl. My high game is 215 with this ball alone including spares. I sugest that people who love storm and want good pocket shots  GET THIS BALL  it ROCKSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jake carnahan

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Re: Dimension
« Reply #66 on: January 24, 2011, 11:35:27 PM »

Length: It hooks up mid-lane and has a great smooth arc to the pocket.
Volume: Medium oil

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): House pattern, but a little more difficult.


Likes: I love the smooth turn it makes. Been shooting the highest 3 game sets ever with this ball! would buy another 5 if I had the money!

Dislikes: Wish it had a little more hook in it when it turns to hit the pocket. Have to play a little inside my other stuff!