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High Performance
- Color: Golden Wheat/Plum/Ultra Violet All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Coverstock: R3X Pearl Reactive
- Weight Block: Origin
- Ball Finish: 1500-grit Abralon
- Flare Potential: 6” Plus (High)
- Fragrance: Aromatherapy Focus
- RG: 16#-2.49, 15#-2.48, 14#-2.52
- RG Differential: 16#-.054, 15#-.057, 14#-.045
- Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- Description: With a commitment to innovative core design development, it’s no wonder that Storm continues to push the envelope with shapes like the C.A.M. and Centripetal weight blocks. While the Invasion is developed for the heaviest of oil patterns, oil depletes quickly as proven by Kegel and Storm in a cooperative seminar series earlier this year. So, the goal of the new Anarchy is to develop a high-end strong asymmetrical that is clean through the heads and turns over sharp at the break point, even for bowlers without all the revs of the tour guys. With 25 years of experience in coverstock chemistry starting with U-Clean U-Score™, Storm is the industry leader of high performance bowling balls. Premier Line balls like the new Anarchy all feature strong asymmetrical shapes that are engineered from concepts different from the “industry standard.” It’s what sets Storm apart from the competition. Looking at the Origin core, we find a strong asymmetrical design that is dynamic and contoured to maximize usability. Wrapping the Origin core with R3X coverstock material, the shell is designed to maximum surface texture which increases overall ball motion. The polished finish of the new Anarchy ensures a glide through the heads and strong backend motion that we all love. In conclusion, Storm continues to develop innovative technology combined with fine workmanship. That’s why we are “The Bowler’s Company.”



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Re: Anarchy
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Volume: Oil is heavier in the middle, which prevents playing deep inside angles.

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS



Likes:  This ball clears the heads with ease even with a pin down drilling.  For me this ball is more angular off the spot than my VE, very similar to the 2nd Dimension.  Ball hits the pins extremely hard and is very accepting to manipulation of the hand at release.

Dislikes:   I really start to lose reaction as the polish or shine on the ball comes off  after cleaning  and general use.  This is not a big deal at all, as I simply just add polish.






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Re: Anarchy
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 I have been a Storm guy ever since I started bowling so I am always looking for the next best thing out there by Storm and well I have found it. This ball is truly amazing! The Anarchy is a ball that is very versatile for me, letting me play up the outside of the lane and then letting me progress left as the lanes break down throughout the day, without losing much drive at all. The ball hooks like nothing I have ever thrown before! 


I have to say that it is my go to ball out of the bag to start any league night or tournament. I regularly start out my collegiate practices with this ball and I used this ball for most of the time In the Backhaul Direct Hoosier Classic on the longer pattern. This was due to the pattern allowing for me to get the Anarchy down the lane, finishing with a strong backend that worked really well for a pattern I would have normally struggled mightily on. The ball stores so much energy in the back end and hits the pins hard consistently. Having this ball at the top end of my arsenal gives me that go to ball on the heavy oil patterns that I have been longing to find.


Overall, the Anarchy has been a main piece of my arsenal since moving to 15 lb equipment in the middle of the year, and I know that it has found a spot alongside my Reign Supreme and Fast to build a bag that I know I can take anywhere with me.   Anybody that doesn’t have this ball in their arsenal should open up a spot and buy this ball. You will not regret it one bit!


Matt Nance

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Re: Anarchy
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I have an Anarchy. This is normally the first bowling ball out of my bag. I find this bowling ball a great help in college bowling. I find myself having a hard time hooking the ball when the lane has lots of oil. This ball hooks great in lots of oil! There have been many tournaments in and out of college bowling where I throw this ball. I love this ball because it has great movement on the lane.


Kaitlyn Hanshaw



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Re: Anarchy
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My Anarchy has great mid-lane performance. It has a three inch pin drilled pin up with the CG kicked out. The ball provides early hook for a polished cover but rolls very smooth on the backend making for a predictable ball reaction. I have to move only 1 or two boards per game. The ball has the strength of the other high end storm balls, but does not tear apart the oil pattern. This combination provides good consistency that is vital to string together strikes.


I used the ball at box surface on a 41 foot 2:1 ratio oil pattern and was able to play around the first arrow. This is as far out as I have ever been able to play with any piece of equipment. The Anarchy is the strongest ball in my bag and has great hitting power in the pins. I especially like that I can follow a smooth transition, using the ball over a six game block without having to return to my bag for something different. I also used the Anarchy on a 36 foot 2:1 ratio pattern and got great mid-lane reaction with great roll into the pocket. The Anarchy is a smooth ball that is a vital addition to my Storm arsenal.


Kevin Buynak


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Re: Anarchy
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Length: 41 ft
Volume: Medium-Heavy
Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


After thinking about the ball I wanted to fill the gap between my Nomad Dagger and Virtual Gravity Nano, it came down to 2 choices: the Storm Anarchy and the 900 Global Bank Pearl.  Testing both through my pro shop guy with interchangeable grips, I decided to go with the Anarchy.

I have nothing bad to say about 900 Global at all; the Bank Pearl is a solid choice.  However, I found that the Anarchy gives me about an extra 4-6 boards, which makes a difference in heavier volume.  Mine was drilled 4x4x2 with no balance hole, and the pin above. 

Throwing a few practice games, I noticed that the ball was flat out great on medium-heavy oil.  I was able to start more towards the outside, throwing from 15 to 8.  The backend reaction is simply great and the ball saved the energy, hitting the pins hard.  As I went further into the afternoon, the oil carried down.  No problem with the Anarchy.  I ended up moving 5 boards further left, going from 20 to 10 and the oil kept the ball on target without any problems.  Also, on a few shots that I pulled, keeping the ball in the oil helped with keeping it on line.  Finally the far outside was playable, being able to go from 10 to 5 and still having a strong backend with good results.

I have no doubt that this ball will complement my VG Nano very well, and it gives me a 1-2 punch for attacking heavy and medium-heavy oil.  It's another great ball from Storm.  If you're looking for a strong pearl that can play multiple angles, you won't go wrong with considering the Anarchy.

Likes:  Very clean in the front, strong backend, excellent carry, plays well with multiple angles

Dislikes:  None so far


Update as of 6/26/11:  Now after having thrown approximately 30 games on this ball, I have started to notice some issues that are making me consider trading this ball. 

 The big thing is consistancy with the reaction.  I've noticed at 5 different houses that the ball will not consistantly read the lane properly.  In some cases, it will go too high, in others it won't come back.  This past week where I had to be deep on dry lanes to make it playable, my Rising Star was actually outhooking the Anarchy which is not supposed to happen.

 I have tried a few things to see if I can get the Anarchy back to where it originally was for about the first 10 games or so.  I did resurface the ball twice, once at 1500 and once at 2000.  So far, the resurfacing at 1500 may have helped a little bit, 2000 made things worse.  Also, I did try baking the ball at the pro shop and oil absorption was not a problem as there was very little oil that came out of the cover. 

 As of this point, I plan to take it back to the house with drier lanes where I can get in the oil and play deeper with high friction on the backends to see if the resurfacing to 1500 worked out (500 grit + gray scotch brite pad + Storm Step 2).  If it doesn't, then I will probably be looking to trade it for a Roto Grip Infinite Theory.  It may simply be that being a higher rev player (400-430) in addition to higher speed (19-22mph) may not be the best fit for this specific ball.  This is after having it drilled similar to my Storm VG Nano, which has no issues whatsoever and gives me a lot of recovery.  Also, I have no issues with either of my 2 Roto Grip hybrid balls. 

I don't want to say the Anarchy is all around bad, because it isn't.  I have seen people throw it successfully, and it was good for the first 10 games that I used it.  It may just be a fluke in my case.

Update as of 7/13/11:  I went ahead and did a huge resurfacing on the ball.  The process I used was sanding all sides with 500 Siaair, and then hitting it lightly with the gray scotch-brite pad.  Once this was done, I finished it off with Storm Step 2.  After doing this, it was time to head to 1 of my favorite houses. 


This house uses a 43ft house shot which is relatively flat but heavy in volume.  After throwing my VG Nano for the first 1-1/2 games, that ball was starting to leave flat 10s.  Out came the Anarchy.  Finally, it was back to original factory condition where it was long and strong.  With the Nano, I played 26 to 12.  The Anarchy, I made a move where I went to 23, but was keeping the breakpoint around 12-14.  It flat out excelled with having some of the higher volumes of oil.  Even better was once I found that line, I was able to stay with it, and then just make small 1-2 board moves at a time as the pattern started to transition.

My lesson learned with the Anarchy is that it does need oil to shine, and it is a little more condition specific than some other balls out there.  The attempt at the initial surface change didn't really do me any favors.  Then using Xtra Shine to make it even longer didn't help also.  For me, the OOB finish does work best.  Only thing I hated all night with the Anarchy was back to back solid 10's in the 10th frame of my 3rd game.  That 10 pin got what it deserved...being crushed by a spare ball clocked by the radar gun at 25.74 mph.  As for trading will stay in my arsenal. 

My arsenal

Heavy Oil: Storm Virtual Gravity Nano: 4000 AB
Medium-Heavy Oil: Storm Anarchy: 1500 polished
Medium Oil: Roto Grip Nomad Dagger: 1500 polished

Medium-Light Oil: Roto Grip Rising Star: 1500 polished



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Re: Anarchy
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The Anarchy is a great ball to use for heavy oil.  I had it drilled pin up so it goes long and snaps hard, almost always taking out the corner pins.  It’s great at the end of a tournament when the heads are gone and you need something that won’t react early.  It’s also good at the beginning of tournaments as long as the pattern isn’t too long, otherwise, it will never make the turn.  This ball is great for anyone who wants to get reaction when there’s a lot of oil on the lanes.

Michael Moskowitz