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Eraser Pearl Particle
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
Coverstock: PRO-Thaneâ„¢ LT Pearl Particle

Weight Block: Multi-Density with Power Ball Technology

Ball Color: Midnight Blue / Gold

Ball Finish: 1500-grit Polish - Can be Sanded

Radius of Gyration: 2.539 (Medium-Low)

Differential: .050 (High)

Durometer: 76-78 Rex D-scale

Track Flare: High (6" plus)

Fragrance: Lemonade

Weights: 10-16 lbs.



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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2003, 05:17:51 AM »
Drilled one up for a customer, and just a note for ball drillers, this ball smells ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE when you punch it. Like hot steamy Pine Sol...


15lb 3oz
3-4" pin

Layout was a 5x5 length drilling, pin above fingers. From what I saw, the ball reads the midlane well thanks to the particle pearl. Backend reaction was so-so, he just had to get the ball rolling early to get it to drive through the pocket. Go figure though, it is Storm. Hitting power was good, maybe I'll post a review after 30 games to confirm that, it may just be NewBallitis. I just wanted to make sure the ball drillers know how bad the ball smells when drilling. (To the point where customers were complaining) LOL

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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2003, 12:43:53 PM »
Punched mine up last week. Ball had 3" pin with 2.52oz. of top weight before drilling. Set mine with the pin over the ring finger (about 4 3/4" from PAP) and the CG kicked towards PAP by 1". Had to add a weight hole with this drill and located that on the PAP, drilling to haev 1/2oz side weight giving me a little room to adjust down if needed. I wanted something with the same shape as my original Eraser, but a little stronger and slightly sooner on reaction. The original is drilled basically the same except the pin at 5 1/2". I got exactly what I was asking for. Clears heads and mid lane exceptionally well and Storms off of the backends. We have great backends in our center and this ball takes advantage of it all. Hit was excellent and carry was above average. I wanted a strong skid/snap and that is what I got and man will it cover some boards when I need it to. Rate this one really high at this point. Will see how it handles a PBA Regional condition next weekend and update from there.

Mike Austin

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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2003, 01:57:54 AM »
As with my review on the Power Charge, I have drilled two of these, and about 6-8 for customers.  The particulars will be about my two balls, and the observations will be about the Eraser Particle in general.

#1 was drilled with a regional in San Antonio in mind.  We bowled at Astro Bowl, and this place has very burned up wood lanes.  I was banking on Pattern E which would put us playing out by the gutter (like last year).  The layout goes like this:  Pin over/left of my middle finger, about 5 1/4 inches from my PAP.  CG is swung very sharply to the right, in about a 35 degree manner.  The pin was out about 4 1/2 inches from the CG with 3.40 top weight.  I had to use an X hole, about 6" over and 1" down.

For me, this layout gives me very good length, with a hook-stop motion to it.  Works pretty well playing out, using the outside angle to create your strike angle.  Also works okay on a wet/dry, but I like to try to simulate a roll out with this type drill.  Also, I can really try and catch it, and it won't over react at the break point.

The ball did exactly as advertised, but actually went a little too long for the tournament.  They used a little more oil than I expected, and the ball wouldn't turn the corner.  (Ended up throwing a box dullish Shock Trauma drilled with the pin about 3 inches from my axis and the mass bias in my track.  Surface got the read on the midlane, and controlled the break point, 1-2 boards were scorching.  Layout got me some continuation through the pocket.  Bowled very poorly though, 121 over for 14 games, ended up 18th, missing match play by 10. My ball reaction was super, but my spare game was terrible. Missed about 9 spares. Uggghhh)

EPP #2.  Used my present default layout, pin between my fingers (4 7/8 from my PAP) and CG swung out slightly with no X hole.  Mass bias would be to the right of my thumb or about 75 degrees.  This is just a good all around drill for me, have used it alot over the last 2 years.  Super Power (2), Trauma ER, Core Power HRG, and Eraser Blaze.  Gives me a good read on what the lane is doing.  Is fairly responsive to hand position changes, but doesn't kill me if I throw it bad.  The pin is out about 4 inches from the CG and had about 3.50 top weight.  Normally, I like a little less top weight, but drilled all the fingers deep.

Great fresh oil ball.  Very versatile, good recovery when I want to hook it, has plenty of power when I want to be soft with my hand motion.  I think I would like this ball on about 70% of lane conditions.  There would be better balls for heavy oil, and dry lanes.  Goes too long for heavy oil, better choices here.  Reads too quick for dry lanes, resin would be better here.

Tweeners will LOVE this ball, use it on just about everything but scorch.  Twisters will like it on fresh, very predictable, sets up nice in the midlane, and can still have plenty of back end.  Straighties will like it on mediums to some dry lanes, depending on ball speed.  Shell reminds me of the Nino 2000, probably a little more particle, not quite as clean through the front.  Roll reminds me a little of the Nino X It, except with much better back end and hit.

Hope this helps ya.....
Mike Austin
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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #4 on: June 04, 2003, 03:36:38 PM »
this ball works great on a fresh house shot.
i bought this ball,drilled it with the warm front
drilling,my first series with it,on a fresh oil shot
was 300-226-256=782
i'm very impressed so far with this ball
it reacted well,


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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #5 on: June 10, 2003, 06:12:46 PM »
I just got finished throwing the Eraser Particle for the first time and so far I am very impressed with it. The ball gets down the lane a great deal and makes a sharp but not uncontrollable turn to the pocket. I was very impressed with the carry that this ball gave me. It seemed like everytime it hit the pocket there would be pins flying all over the place. The worst thing it left was a few stone tens which is not uncommon in the house I threw in. I'll be sure to post another review of this ball when I get some more games on it and when I throw it in a few different houses. One more thing, the lemonade scent is the strongest scent on a Storm ball that I have ever had.

Pat Patterson

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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #6 on: July 17, 2003, 04:16:12 AM »
Another excellent ball from STORM, had this ball drilled by Mike Miller(PBA) at 10 Pins & More In Rio Rancho, NM (His Center).  This ball is excellent on heavy oil, have yet to try it on any other patterns, but I assume it will need the surface altered to cut down on the hook to be effective on anything less than heavy oil.
Pat Patterson


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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #7 on: July 25, 2003, 01:54:19 AM »
Likes: The smell of freshly squeezed Lemonade and the control I have over the lanes with this ball.
Dislikes: Abundance of Dry in the heads will cause it to turn up too soon.

16 pounds
Top Weight: 2.82 oz
Pin out: 2.5-3 inches
Ebonite Quick Sand

I was pretty surprised when I drilled this one up. I drilled my Eraser Particle Pearl 5" control. This put my pin underneath my ring finger and the cg kicked out towards my pap. I had to take a small hole out to take it down to a 1/2 positive. I rolled a few games on a tracked out house shot, the ball rolled very true but I saw that it was getting alittle bit too much length than I was looking for. I took it down with Ebonite Quick Sand, and wow did I find a keeper in my bag. With the quick sand surface, I am able to feed the ball right enough but yet have the tires on the backend to get back to the pocket. I took it out on some sport conditions and this was the ball to use. I was able to make miss room for myself, when everyone else was getting crossed up trying to get to the pocket. The ball opened up about 3-4 boards at the breakpoint for me to play with when everyone else had about 1-2. But like every particle ball there is a weakness...dry heads will be a factor. I just can't feed it far enough right with even a sniff of dry in the heads. Also I have found if I miss my mark outside I leave a few flat 10's. But, for anyone looking for a that special magic ball on those tricky sport shots, this is the one for you. If you have any other questions feel free to email me.....Good Luck and Good Bowling.


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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #8 on: August 11, 2003, 06:17:40 PM »
I was struggling really badly on Synthetics ... Both Master line balls I had were too much, and my Hot line stuff wan't enough ...

I decided on the Eraser P/P over the Charge due to me only having only one other particle ball in the arsenal ...

I laid this ball out with the pin adjacent to my ring finger, CG stacked below it. (3.5" pin)  Basically a skid-flip type reaction for me..

This ball KILLS on the synthetics.  Bowling on 2 different house patterns on AMF HPL 9000's I'm scoring just as well if not better than I was on the wood.  Including my longest string of 17 strikes in a row (last 10 front 7) with this ball.  

Great ball for shots with alot of backend.... doesn't like oil OR carrydown.  

Definately a great condition/surface specific ball, but I wouldn't recommend it as being versatile.

An 8 out of 10.
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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #9 on: August 30, 2003, 09:46:07 AM »
Drilled 15# 3oz EPP with 4" pin and 3oz top. Pin in between and below fingers, with cg kicked out to the right. Have an original ERASER I drilled like this with great success. I left the coverstock in factory condition.

Ball is easy to get through the heads, pretty good length(i throw it around 18mph, mild cranker) and a very controlled backend reaction. It's not as herky jerky as the original ERASER, but muchb more smooth and readable.

Definatly not a hook monster, but a good choice for 1st ball out of the bag.

I rate it 4.75 out of 5 stars

John Figueroa

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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #10 on: September 02, 2003, 02:31:23 PM »
It's been awhile since i posted a review; but here we go.

Ball specs:
15-pounds with a 2-3 inch, sorry still a beginner in reguards to ball layouts.

This ball reminds me of the Eraser (the first one)but with a pearlized particle coverstock.
This ball has a nice push thru the heads with a great mid-lane roll, and reads the breakpoint nicely.
Overall i purchased this ball in NIB condition, and this is still the feeling out phase, But i have made arrangements for the purchase of a second one.
I will follow this review up once i put some more games of actual use.



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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #11 on: September 24, 2003, 08:27:03 PM »
Top: 3.26
Pin: 3-3.5

Avg revs

Well drilled this ball up with pin over the right grip and cg kicked right a bit. Well this is a great ball I had the orig. eraser and I have to say that they made a nice replacement. The only difference from this ball is it is not as snappy as the eraser is on the backend but better on the oil. This ball is great gets out and makes a nice mid lane rev and comes back really smooth and hits like a truck great ball. If you had the first eraser you need to try this ball you will not be disappointed great ball. Solid 9.5-10.
Great job storm.

Not sure what to drill, drill a Storm there is no better.
Mike Marchak
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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #12 on: November 29, 2003, 05:27:52 AM »

pin 4 and 1/2 45 degrees, hole 3" from grip center on midline
storm 1 finish

I am a tweener with about 375 - 400 rpms and 18mph ball speed.

I have thrown this on a variety of conditions now, and I am beyond impressed with this ball. It is the benchmark ball that storm lost when they discontinued the Tour Power. Now don't get me wrong, it's in no way a Tour Power, but it's the midlane rolling solid reactive ball that I think storm has been missing for a while.

This ball has an extremely smooth breakpoint move, it just gets started pretty early. This isn't a hook monster, but at the same time has to have some heads to be effective. Great all around ball though......


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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #13 on: January 13, 2004, 05:11:48 PM »
Picked up this ball also about 3 months ago had the Eraser and the Erase-it and loved them both. Decided I needed a particle pearl, something that I could roll and get some length/backend out of, decided on the EPP.

Ball: 15lbs
Pin: 3"
Top 3oz approx.
Drilling: 5 x 4 I believe (have to double check the sheet)

Pin is above the bridge, cg swung outside the palm, weight hole placed below the cg. Ball set up for backend. Threw it without the balance hole at firt and it seemed to give me over/under. Put one in and the ball had a lot more control and made a much more consistent move to the pocket. First night in league shot 720 with it, havent come close since. Ball as polished early in the year, but has been taken down to 600 sanded to combat the "winter flood" the center decided to put down. Ball skids through the heads, gets into a roll then immediately makes it move. Not a huge move, but a big enough move to allow me to stuff some solid 8 pins. Playing a little 10-5 swing on a 39 foot wall 8-8 spread, have put up some good scores with it. For me, right now it seems to be more of a condition specific ball, but if needed too I could find some kind of line with it. For the most part, the EPP stays in my bag early and when they start to open up on the good ol' left side, I can pull it out and put up some numbers as long as carry is still good. Great ball from Storm, starting to miss my Eraser though....
Whats that made of?
14 Karat Gold.
Really??? Looks like rubber!
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Re: Eraser Pearl Particle
« Reply #14 on: March 12, 2004, 10:24:48 AM »
Ball specs....15 pounds, 3 inch pin...4x3.5, MB strong
Bowler specs...medium speed stroker, medium revs

I have had this ball for a couple weeks now and feel I can say this is one of the most underrated and ignored good balls out there.  Due to its summer release, and rehash of the Eraser name, even similar colors as the original, it seems to be over looked.  But this is one strong ball!  The lemon scent is strong too, maybe too strong, but it will wear off...

I have had two Erasers, and love my present one, which is my medium/main ball.  The Pearl Particle takes the same core, same specs, same base Accu-Tread cover, and adds a light load of particles.  This season I have been struggling lately on shots where the lanes don't seem as crisp on the back as they used to be, and the mids are heavier (new oils, new machines)...leaving me with weak 7's and buckets.  Wanting something a bit stronger, and liking the Eraser reaction, I went with a Pearl Particle.

The EPP is 4-5 boards with the feet stronger than my original, with both polished about 1500.  When the Eraser is laboring on the oily/flat shots, I can pull out the EPP, give it a couple more boards room, and go.  The ball glides through the mids, digs in, and turns hard to the pocket.  Very hard hit.  If the heads/mids start to dry up, you have to move quick....if the heads are dry, put it away.

For a medium speed player like me, it will work great on oil, probably not a flood due to the pearl, but you can dull it for that.  For a high speed (18+) player, it would be a good medium ball with backends.  Lots of recovery due to the particles, length due to the pearl, power due to the power ball core.

If you liked the Eraser and are looking for a stronger mid priced ball for those conditions with a bit more oil, don't overlook the Eraser Pearl Particle.