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Author Topic: 1st night of league blues  (Read 1462 times)


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1st night of league blues
« on: August 30, 2013, 08:27:00 PM »
My first night of league was what I was expecting for the lanes but not expecting my results with the equipment I had with me.  I decided to take a fire road and my lights out.  I threw 1 shot on each lane in practice with the fire road. Couldnt keep it on the right side.  Thinking the lights out would be a good choice when they got a little drier. Come to find out the lights out is a really strong ball and had the same issue. I dont have a lot of speed or rev's.  I don't have enough hand to get the ball to turn the corner to get the right entry angle when playing deep inside. Left lots of flat 10's. Looks like I will have to drill up a tropical breeze or a super natural so I can try and stay right or not as deep if the shot stays like this.



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Re: 1st night of league blues
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2013, 10:47:30 PM »
Had our first night of league bowling.  The center decided that it would be a good idea to clean the carpeting so they did, hours before our league started.  A lot of bowlers were having problems with sticking on the approaches because the carpeting was still damp.  Saw at least three bowlers stick and fall across the foul line.  At least one could not continue.  It also had rained earlier in the day so it was more humid than normal so that did not help the issue any.

Started out the first two games with a Victory Road Solid and switched to a Warlock XV the 3rd game.  I was surprised by how well the Warlock XV carried for me last night - I had struggled with it all summer.
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