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Dark Code - First Thoughts
« on: June 01, 2021, 10:53:00 PM »
The Dark Code is an extremely strong, dynamic asymmetric pearl from Storm. With a 2.50 RG, .058 differential and .020 intermediate differential in 15 pounds, this ball wants to get going once it sees friction and do a lot of it. I went with a 45x5.5.25 layout on mine, which tamed down a little of the flare potential but still retained enough of it to keep a great shape down the lane. I found it very easy to just roll off of my hand and not have to force it to not hook early. If it sees early friction in the mids, for me, it did want to stand up and go left off of it. The good thing being, I did not get to a point where I was too far left, getting as far as 6th arrow and still striking on the used house condition I was on. I can see this being a fantastic choice for medium to high speed bowlers, as well as bowlers of all rev rates. The ball seemed to be most comfortable left of 15, for my style. I had to be extremely precise with my hand position playing close to the dry as it wanted to hook immediately. Another great piece from Storm!
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