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DNA Review
« on: March 06, 2023, 02:39:50 PM »
Layout: 4 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 4 1/2
Surface: 2000 Grit Abralon

The brand new Storm DNA brings a brand new Core and Coverstock combination for the Premier Line.  The brand new Supercoil core brings a Low RG, High differential and a higher PSA value.  This core has a few cutouts in order to keep the differential higher after drilling.  Very similar to the Absolute, the DNA keeps strong dynamics in the core after drilling.  The new EXO Coverstock is a strong and more dynamic Coverstock to handle higher volumes of oil while giving a high amount of continuation.  I had the opportunity to test this on a typical house pattern and a 41ft sport pattern.

On the house pattern, I saw a strong midlane roll but saw a lot more push in the front part of the lane than I expected.  I was on a house pattern that is 44ft but generally has a lot of overall friction.  Normally, solid asymmetrical balls do not work very well for me on this particular house pattern.   This was a little different for the DNA.  This control of this ball allowed me to be closer to the friction without the ball overseeing it.  This characteristic allowed me to move further right with my feet than I would usually be which gave me a straighter target to my target and thus increasing my pin carry.  The 2000 grit abralon got the ball long enough down the lane that the ball didn't see the transition as quickly as a similar ball would give me.  On this particular house pattern, I would keep the ball at this surface for best results.

On the 41ft sport pattern, I actually saw similar ball reaction to the house pattern.  The ball was clean but strong in the midlane and so ample continuation.  My pin down layout made the ball fairly smooth and gave a lot of control on the sport compliant pattern.  I was on a Pro-Anvil lane surface so there was a lot less friction than my house pattern test.  At the 2000 grit surface, I saw a little bit over/under on the fresh.  A Roto Grip Gem for me rolled stronger in the front part of the lane and had less continuation down lane. I adjusted the DNA's surface to 1000 grit to give me a little closer ball reaction to the Gem.  I still actually saw similar comparisons even at 1000 grit.  The DNA was essentially a step down from the Gem while still giving me that earlier roll and smoother down lane motion.  The difference between the two balls to me can still warrant having both balls in your arsenal depending on your style.  The DNA to me felt like an asymmetrical version of the Phaze 2.  This ball gives a lot of versatility in terms of drilling and overall ball reaction where other typical strong solids do not give that.  As the lanes broke down, I was able to move further left with my feet and target and saw enough continuation to get the corner pins out. 

Based on what I saw out of this sport and house pattern tests, the DNA can be a good fresh ball with the possibility of being a first transition ball as well .

Adam Chase
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Adam Chase
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DNA Review
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2023, 05:20:42 PM »
The Storm DNA features the EXO Solid cover, the Supercoil Core, and comes at a 2000-grit surface.  The DNA is the newest solid ball in Storm’s lineup. The first time I threw this ball I was thinking it was going to hook at my feet but I was surprised at how well it got through the fronts. It has plenty of shape down lane once it sees the friction. I compared the DNA to the SuperNova and Reality. For me, this ball sits in between them. The Reality was earlier and stronger off the spot while the SuperNova was longer and a bit smoother off the friction. I think it will fit well when the Reality and Gem are too much ball but you need a solid that is a touch weaker. Another great addition to the Storm catalog.

Tobias Myers