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Astro PhysiX
« on: May 09, 2019, 10:07:28 AM »
Hmmm...a pearl PhysiX from the looks of the picture.
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Re: Astro PhysiX
« Reply #31 on: May 22, 2019, 10:55:21 AM »
Oh . . well that was terrible information lol.  Lines will always always be paired with the core.  PhysiX will always have the Atomic core, Codes will always have the RAD4, IQ's will always have the C3, etc., and if they don't, it'll be a variance on the name to indicate that.  Son!Q's for example have the Centripetal HD.  Also, all Premier line releases will always always be asymmetrical. 

I had the same initial reaction to R2S . . but it's the cleanest and quickest pearl cover in the lineup right now, and with the PhysiX having so much torque down lane, R2S Pearl IS the smartest cover to provide both a complimentary and familiar reaction with the Astro and the OG.  The hipster in me wanted NRG Pearl, but backing up and looking at the facts, this was the best choice across the board, especially for people still lamenting the loss of the Code Black. 

You lost me though with an asym ball with an .053 diff and a .017 int diff fighting for a spot in the bag with sym ball with a .029 diff . . I'm gonna have to process that and get back to you . .

So with R2S, is this ball going to sit under the Intense Fire? Feels like this and the IQ emerald will be fighting for the same spot in the bag.

I wish they had stuck with Nano for the Physix line, they have R2S coming out their ears lately.

Saw somewhere in the initial news onslaught that the Dif was in the .4s, or maybe I'm tired and flipping back between this and the Badgers too many times got myself all confused lol. Either way, yes, I will walk back on that same spot in the bag statement. :)
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