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Lightning Blackout Review
« on: May 15, 2024, 09:05:16 AM »
Layout:  4 1/2 x 3 x 2 1/2
Surface: Reacta Gloss

The brand new Lightning Blackout gives us a new ball reaction in the Storm Signature Line.  This ball gives a clean, medium strength and angular ball motion designed for the lane pattern burn that we haven't seen in a long time in the Storm Lineup.  The Lightning Blackout uses the Warp AI core which brings the same low differential found in the !Q series (.029) with a higher RG value of 2.53.  What this produces is a clean ball motion that you can keep on line much longer than typical balls in the lineup.  The REX Pearl coverstock found on this ball allows it to handle more oil overall than the !Q Ruby and will read the midlane stronger overall due to the coverstock being much stronger.

On the typical house shot, with my higher rev rate (470 rpm), I was actually able to play much straighter on the fresh on a higher friction pattern than I would normally be able to.  The weaker core allowed the ball to get through the front and the midlane much cleaner while keeping the ball more on line.  The REX Pearl cover read the midlane still strong enough when missing left in the oil and gave me plenty of down lane motion when missing right into more friction.  The best part of this ball is that the use of this ball is primarily for the pattern burn.  Since this is the case, I was able to still move left with my feet and see enough angular backend motion to continue striking as the pattern broke down.  I was still able to clear the front easily while still seeing enough continuation down lane to strike.  Where this ball could find issue, is getting too far to the inside with your feet.  The lower differential causes trouble for the ball to hook enough down lane if the lanes are not burned enough to the outside part of the lane.

Compared to the Journey, I found the Lightning Blackout to be about 3 feet cleaner and be overall more angular in the back part of the lane.  The Lightning can be potentially used on fresh conditions if the lanes have a lot of friction or can be used as a burn ball with higher volume patterns or lower friction lane surfaces.  For me, it will be used as a ball down from the Journey primarily where I need to create more length and a stronger backend.

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