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Author Topic: What to add in my arsenal?  (Read 2654 times)


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What to add in my arsenal?
« on: May 11, 2003, 05:29:12 PM »
15.5-16 mph
330-360 rpms
Axis Tilt 35-40 degrees

I am partial to Ebonite and Columbia, although I like some of the Storm stuff since it's coverlife holds up better than Columbia.  I am looking to add 3 balls into this lineup.  Maybe some of you more experienced with the newer Storm lineup could help me out since the last Storm ball I've thrown was the El Nino 2000 and Thunderflash.

Heavy to Medium-Heavy: Vortex 2 Paticle; 800 grit Stacked Leverage
Medium-Heavy or Medium w/  carrydown:  Attitude 3, pin over ring, CG stacked below(want to replace with a Storm ball)
Medium-Medium Light(Skid Flip): Tiger, Ring finger drilled into pin, CG stacked below
Medium-Medium Light(Skid Arc): Stinger 2 Piece Pearl; 315 degree drilling
Lighter-Dry: Tremor; 1 x 2

So now I need a replacement for the Attitude 3, a Solid shell ball to fit between the Tude and Tiger, Something to replace the Stinger 2 Piece pearl that fits between the Tiger and Tremor.

Any Storm Suggestions would be appreciated.

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Burak Natal

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Re: What to add in my arsenal?
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2003, 03:05:50 PM »
There are a lot of good choices for a above average rev rate player..
hmm.. let's see,

Flood: Trauma Response
Heavy to Medium-Heavy: Core Power LRG
Medium-Heavy or Medium w/ carrydown: Duece, with a little scuff perhaps..
Medium (Skid Flip): X-Factor or original Trauma if you can find one..
Medium-Medium Light(Skid Flip): Eraser
Medium-Medium Light(Skid Arc): Tour Power
Lighter: Too Hot

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