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« on: March 03, 2004, 04:23:32 PM »
I know this ball is getting to be old school, but I just got mine last week.  I had it drilled layout #2 (from the Storm website) with the RAD in position B (description A) and a weight hole.  My driller told me this layout would break sharp, which is a shape I was missing.  I threw 3 games with it on Tuesday at a center where the lanes were very toasty and got nothing.  It hit the lane and you could hear it trying to roll immediately.  At this point, I'm not impressed -- I know these aren't the conditions for this ball, and, if there's anything I've learned in my few months on this board, it's to be patient and try all the conditions.  Last night I give it a go on a fresh league shot and what a difference!!  I'd start at 30, throw to 15 and when this ball hit the backends, WHOOSH into the pocket!!  I could have had my best night in league if I could have made my spares -- lost my touch with the straight ball technique I'm working on.  I bowled my average even with all the missed spares, so I'll take it.  It can only get better as I get used to playing this new line.  Oh, one more thing -- I picked up a 4-10 with this ball!!  Never done that before, either!!