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Crunch Time
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
It’s Crunch Time... Do you have what it takes?
Every bowler dreams of striking in the tenth frame to win a match or tournament. Now you have the tool to make that dream come true...the Crunch Time. The Crunch Time uses the core of the Triton Elite, one of the most popular and versatile Track cores to date. This core design coupled with the Power Plus EX resin coverstock creates a ball with good length and a strong and controllable backend. Come through in the clutch time with the CRUNCH TIME.

Crunch Time Specs
Hook Rating 25-20  
Length 8  
Backend 6  
Core Technology Core 2 Technology  
Core Power 7  
RG 2.52  
Differential 0.047  
Determinator Spin Time N/A  
Flare Potential 5  
Coverstock Power Plus EX Reactive  
Friction Rating 6  
Finish Polished  
Polish Magic Shine  
Reaction Shape Arc  
Lane Condition Medium  


AUS leftie

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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2004, 05:08:13 AM »
Crunchtime Ball Specs:  15lb, 3 ounces top weight, 3 inch PIN

Drill specs:  3 3/8 x 3 3/8 with balance hole 5 inches across from my centre of grip.  1/2 positive side, 1/8 fingers.

After researching my 300 games over the years I came to conclusion that I have bowled 13/15 of them with this particular drilling, why change?  This ball was going to be perfect for Australian conditions where we just don't see the concentration of oil overseas.

Used it in conjunction with my Unleashed and found that it went at least 6 feet longer than the Crunchtime but turned way harder to the pocket.  Bowling on a Christmas tree pattern I used the Unleashed 16 out to 8, then used the Crunchtime 10 out to 8.

Crunchtime's hit was awesome and the further I pushed it to the dry the harder it kicked.  Bowled 3 games with it, 225, 300, 248  WOW!  I was bowling with 3 friends and all of them couldn't believe the strong movement to the pocket.  Compared to my other pearl balls it turns alot harder than my Threat, Darkside and Triple Threat.  Doesn't quite cover the same amount of boards as the TT but is alot stronger when it turns.

I am so happy with this ball I might and try and get another.  I have always loved Track pearl balls and this one is no exception.  Another hit for Track and all this in the mid-price range???  This is the best value for money going.  If you want a ball for medium conditions and one that is going to conserve energy and then snap hard to the pocket this is it.

10/10 (because of the 300 )

A sure winner, got to get one!

Scott Kinney

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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2004, 04:12:08 AM »
Crunch Time
Lanes: Synthetic, Oiled about 38-40 last 5 boards medium oil
Lane condition: Heavy Oil to Medium Oil.
Bowling style: Tweener but can play straight up or a deep swing line.
Fast speed, medium revolutions.
Ball: 15#, 1.5 Oz. Top weight, The Crunch Time with 3“ Pin out, drilled 4“ X 3“, CG 1” below grip mid line, BH 1” past the PAP.

Assessment: If you read my Hex review I would say this ball is very similar due to the same weight block. You just have to watch out because the surface of this ball is much more aggressive than the Hex. Therefore I'm glad that I didn't get this one drilled 4" X 2" like I had planned. But it does need oil in order work properly. Don't get me wrong you can play this in light oil as well but you better give it room and speed or else you start leaving 10 pins.

I give this ball only 9, because of the tendency to loose hitting power when the lanes get dry.(like the HEX)

Scott Kinney


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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #3 on: April 03, 2004, 03:41:42 AM »
Me: High Revs, Medium Speed, High track, and  right handed.
Crunch Time: 3 inch pin, 3 ounces top weight, box surface.
Drilling: pin below ring finger, cg and mass bias tilted slightly left of thumb

I've used this ball twice now on 2 different conditions.  The first condition being a very spotty dry condition on old wood.  The ball rolled too early when i kept it tight and didn't want to get back when i threw it to the right. Def. not the condition for this ball.  I was able to use a low flaring old reactive and have much more success.

The second condition I used the ball on was freshly stripped synthetics with medium oil.  This is where the ball began to show it's true colors. The shot wasn't difficult by any means, but this ball opened up the lane more than any other ball in my bag.  I was able to play up the boards or swing it with ease and pretty much strike at will when i released the ball properly. When i say up the boards, I was going straight up 12 standing on 25.  I moved in and swung the ball from 25 to 10 standing on 35. One thing i was very impressed with is how this ball reads the lane and doesn't overreact in the dry like previous pearlized balls from track that I have thrown. This ball also hits as hard or harder than any ball in it's price range.  

On medium conditions this ball really excels.  I think it will play well on carrydown also, but this first condition i used the ball on was rather brutal and very unfair when trying to get a read for a new ball.  This could very well become my benchmark ball on synthetics.  Overall I have to give it a thumbs up. I had lost a little faith in Track, but this ball has restored it.


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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2004, 03:17:25 PM »
Ball Specs: 15lbs 4oz, 2.5" pin 3 oz of tw.

Drilled this ball with the pin to the right of ring, cg an inch right of grip center. I planned on using this ball for medium shots with fresh backends and lighter shots when the oil is really breaking down. This ball is amazing for a midprice ball. You get alot of bang for the buck with this one. On a med. shot with fresh backends I was able to stand on 20 put the ball up 10 and it arced hard to the pocket. This is not a skid/snap ball for me but more of a hard arc. It actually starts up earlier than I thought it would too. For a polished reactive this ball begins to grab the lane a little early. But, it has tons of backend. When I used this ball on the broken down shot, I was able to stand on 25 and put the ball out to 15 at the arrows to 8 at the breakpoint and the ball again, turned over and arced hard to the pocket.

This is a great ball from Track and being that it is a midprice ball, you cant go wrong with this one. Its move is defined and the hit is definately there. Great ball, great price, this one gets a solid 10!! (no pun intended)
"Why cant I just throw the ball the same way EVERY TIME??

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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2004, 02:31:39 PM »
Continuing my string of using a ball awhile before posting a review....

Ball: 5x4.5 layout, pin above fingers and slightly left of bridge, factory finish

Lane Conditions: various conditions and lane surfaces.

Hook: This ball can easily cover more boards on a given condition than balls that are much stronger. Gets into a roll pretty quick, starting up early enough that it does not do too bad in carrydown. It is kind of contradictive.....but this ball offers good, early roll with a skid/flip reaction at the same time. 8.5

Control: As stated above I said it had good early roll, but it will skip/flip. When it starts sensing the dry it will and can GO. Great for those of you that like to play the inside out kind of line. 8.5

Hit: AWESOME!!!! If you can get it to a point of dry or lesser oiled boards this thing will smack the pins with the best of them. If the backends are too spotty and it has to get through too many spots of oil it will lack a bit here. Fresh shots and medium shots this thing is unbelieveable. 9.5

Readability: It can be too jumpy in the backends for most to be able to use it as a ball to read the lanes. With that said, I find it as the first ball out of my bag more often than not. If the pattern is shorter you will see it just start to turn over. If the pattern is longer it will squirt until it finds dry and still have enough to turn the corner. 8

OVERALL: I find this ball very useable on everything except the extreme dries and extreme wets. For a house shot this ball does the job and then some. Rolls kind of early considering the layout I have on it and the fact that it is pearl. With all of the ball company's releases in the past year or so, you would be hard pressed to find a better cover/core matchup than what is on the Crunch Time.

C-G Pro Shop
Carl Hurd

Austintown Ohio (Wedgewood Lanes)

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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #6 on: November 09, 2004, 03:00:39 AM »
simple put, AWESOME!!!

Got this CT in a trade with LuckyLefty (thanks pal)

it's drilled pin below ring finger, cg just above the thumb on the centerline.

produces a strong arc on my current lane condition, good for light medium-med heavy oil. I don't recommend it for scorched lanes, or the exxon valdez.

I'm able to throw it around 17 at the arrows, out to around 10 at 45 ft.

so far this season, averaging over 240 in both leagues, and have shot 803 and 810. The crunch time is the only ball i've used this season!!

Can't wait for my freak a zoid to get here. thanks

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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #7 on: February 23, 2005, 03:10:14 PM »
Ball description.
 15 Lbs
 pin 0-1

Drilled this ball with the pin below both fingers. With no kick and wow. I bowl where they are extremly dry and boy does this ball weork here. I can either play them straight or hook it. And it comes back with plenty of hit. This is a great ball for the money and excellent performance.


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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #8 on: March 18, 2005, 02:03:18 PM »
The Crunch Time, and all of the other Track balls that incorporate the Triton Elite core, continues to be one of the most versatile balls ever produced.
It's a great performer in the mid-priced line.  The Powerplus EX reactive cover stock pushes easily through the heads. The Elite core is very readable in the mid-lane and makes a strong move in the backend.  I like the reaction so much; I carried two of them to most PBA Regionals I bowled last year. One is a 2” pin drilled next to my ring finger with a slight scuff to the surface and the other is a pin above my ring finger, polished.  I have used this ball on all oil patterns and lane surfaces and never seem to be shut out with it.  If someone said I had to choose a one ball arsenal, it would be this one.

Visit a reputable pro shop for the best analysis and equipment decision for your game.

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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #9 on: March 18, 2005, 02:57:21 PM »
I agree.  I have had the Crunch Time as my benchmark ball for 2 years now, amazing hit and versatility!


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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #10 on: March 19, 2005, 01:38:02 AM »
Crunchtime is 15lb with 5 X 4 drill with pin above ring finger.

See my profile for my specs.  Note that I am lefty, with a high track and medium/slow speed with medium revs.

I bought the Crunchtime seeking a polished reactive that would clear the heads and turn the corner allowing me to open up the lane.  The Crunchtime works as advertised; it is clean through the front then makes a very strong move towards the pocket when it sniffs dry.  This ball is definitely stronger than suggested by Track's hook and backend ratings.

The hook is mostly after it reaches the breakpoint. The ball covers more boards than its rating so don't be fooled and drill too strong. The Crunchtime will turn the corner.
The Crunchtime starts to rev early allowing it to be ready to turn when reaching the dry. The Crunchtime revs in the midlane earlier than you might expect from a polished reactive.  Not quite a skid/flip ball due to midlane revs, but a very strong arc - very strong. It works well on both medium to heavy/medium fresh and second shift patterns.  Lighter patterns are difficult for me to keep on my side of the lane.  Perhaps those with more ball speed can appreciate this ball on lighter patterns more than I do.  Due to earlier revs, carrydown is not as much an issue as with other reactives.

The hit is awesome, just exploding the pins.  It definitely hits harder than my other symmetric Track balls (Threat and Mojo).  I leave more solid 9 pins than I do seven pins with this ball!

Originally, I polished with Magic Shine as recommended by Track.  I found it difficult to control the breakpoint, so I cut down the shine with Clean N' Sheen and I am definitely happier with the result.  Still makes an extremely strong move when reaching the dry, but easier to read and better consistency than when polished.  This is a high scoring ball for those conditions that permit high scores.  This is not the ball to read the lanes or to play on tough conditions.

I can play both track shot and deeper without a problem with the Crunchtime.  If anything carry is better on inside/out shots, swinging the ball out to the dry.  When thrown on a tighter line in the oil, the hit is weaker with a tendency to leave ringing "7" pins.  Let the ball work for you and it will respond.

Rating is a 9 out of 10, as it does everything a shiny reactive should on a medium condition; clean through heads, midlane revs, strong move to the pocket with awesome hitting power.  Only negative is can be difficult to control breakpoint due to strong move when reaching dry.


Mike D

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Mike D


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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #11 on: July 13, 2005, 01:48:37 AM »
Ball:  My Crunch Time was drilled with the pin 4.5" from my PAP and the CG 3.75" from my PAP.  The ball has a 2.5" pin-CG distance, with the pin 2.75" above the midline.  The ball has an extra hole 1.5" above my PAP, drilled with a 15/16" bit 2.25" deep.  Ball has been left in box finish, and after a resurface, was returned to box finish to my best guesstimate.

I love to use this ball on easy house conditions with medium length and volume of oil.  This ball hits EXTREMELY hard, perhaps the hardest-hitting ball I own, when thrown on the proper condition.  With this drilling, the Crunch Time is rather flippy at the breakpoint, so I prefer to use it when I have some area on the lane.  However, if I change my release or add some speed, it is fine for most medium conditions that require a smaller margin of error.  I can use it when the medium PBA patterns (#1 and #4) start to break down, as it does clear the heads fairly well.  I don't use it much at my home center because it doesn't handle carrydown extremely well for me.

This ball works well on conditions that offer too much friction for my Slash.  While it isn't as much of a control ball as my Slash, it does offer great performance in "strike-a-thons", and I think it could be useful on tougher patterns with the proper drill.  This ball will continue to see a good amount of action at local tournaments.
Jeff Voght
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Matt Fortney

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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #12 on: November 22, 2005, 06:35:49 PM »
Ball is laid out pin above bridge, cg middle of grip. pretty straight up. I didn't expect much from this ball, just because i've not seen many of them in my area. Was a very nice surprise. kind of a strong arcing shape, very forgiving, and great carry. can handle a little bit of carrydown, but not a lot. just doesn't want to turn the corner when the backends are wet.


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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #13 on: November 24, 2005, 01:20:34 PM »
With a PAP of 5-1/2 over and 7/8 up using a 16#, I layed the ball out a 4-1/2 stacked with the pin an 1-1/2 above the midline.  Put the weight hole 5 inches from the center of the grip through the cg.

I tried this ball on our typical house pattern along with a few other track balls.  I also have a threat, havoc, dry heat.  Out of these balls this is my most aggressive for wood lanes.  If I need a little more control than I go to the threat.

With this layout the ball starts grabbing the midlane a little sooner, allowing the break point to be a smooth controllable reaction. If I play the outside track I get about a game and a half and then I need to move to the track and inside angle.  Being left handed the most I normally shoot for a league night is about 13 board out to the 7 at the break.  This ball hits better than a lot of my other balls and it has a weaker cover than the majority of them.

Just like my slash this ball is very impressive.  Both balls give great reaction at a lower price.
Chad Elofson
Port Angeles, WA

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Re: Crunch Time
« Reply #14 on: April 11, 2006, 04:27:44 AM »
The only thing I can say about this ball is that if I had to give all my bowling ball's away and keep one The Crunch Time is a ball that I would chose to keep in my bag
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