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EMB Pearl
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Color: Maroon

Coverstock: Particle Pearl

Core: 2-piece Asymmeterical

RG: 2.536

Differential: .051

Factory Finish: Polished

Lane Conditions: Medium - Heavy Oil


Francois 95 P

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Re: EMB Pearl
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2001, 11:58:29 PM »
sweet ball!!
i drilled it 5x3 with the pin tight to my ring finger so it has some length to it and threw it on a freshly dressed shot with clean backends. my first game with it was 300 i was amazed. it didnt overreact and was very predictable on every shot and works very well for my style, I have alot of hand and all of that stuff.


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Re: EMB Pearl
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2001, 04:11:30 PM »
This Ball goes a little long than Emb but has a great movement of the
break point and when it hits it carry awesome. This ball goes get with
the orignal emb. The track mais bass ball are great. I am glad Track
wait to put them on the market till they got the ball reaction they
With this ball has given me high 600 and an 700 series.


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Re: EMB Pearl
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2001, 08:43:00 PM »
This is a great ball!! 4" pin above and in the middle of my grips, cg kicked left about 3.5", right handed with medium revs. I am still a young bowler, 16 but with an average of 198. I am still learning all of the drilling terms and how to drill a ball. I got this about 2 months ago and it has increased my average 9 pins. I am in a travel league and go to every center in my city. I have bowled on flooded lanes to desert dry lanes. Works best for me on lanes with a really dry backend or medium to light lanes. I was a 6th frame away from a 300 with this ball, it left a nice solid 4. If it leaves anything it leaves the 4 pin or the ocaasional 8. This ball hits harder than my other 2 balls, AMF Nighthawk M2 and Brunswick HPH. Overall a great ball and will correct itself if thrown outside of my target. I would say a very nice 9 out of 10 for this ball.


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Re: EMB Pearl
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2002, 07:52:46 PM »
   The EMB pearl is every bit as good as the original and widens the window of lane conditions that you are able to use it's hard hitting core.

   We drilled the  EMB pearl with the pin over the ring finger, (5.5" from axis) the c.g at 1/4 ounce positive and the emb logo above the fingers.  We threw it in it's out of the box shell which is polished    

   Our home center is now using a Kegel Elite lane maintenance machine with ‘offense' conditioner.  We had the unique opportunity to throw the ball on all seven patterns that the machine comes with.  Including the ABC national tournament condition as well as the pattern used at last years FIQ world championship.  The patterns varied in volume and taper but all were 39 feet long with fresh back ends. Also, our home house has AMF HPL 2000 synthetic lanes.

   The EMB pearl is one of those balls that performs well on any condition where the bowler can get the ball to the break point and where there is enough friction to allow the ball to react.  These patterns as mentioned all had fresh back ends and because of that, the EMB was awesome on each condition from different angles.  For example, on pattern number one, there is a lower volume of oil and a strong back end as well as more friction on the outside boards.  The EMB pearl was easy to get down the lane from between the third and fourth arrow and such power on the back end that almost every shot seemed to have a messenger coming across, even though there were no ten pins to knock down!  Players with much less than 17 mph speed could have trouble with the ball being too sharp when crossing the oil line but anything above that and there shouldn't be a problem.  As we moved across patterns two, three and four we simply moved our feet right and continued to be amazed at the carry this ball showed.  We threw out the results on pattern four because it was so ridiculously easy it was no test to the ball nor the tester.

   The ball continued to be our best choice as we moved down to six and seven.  These conditions are more demanding and because of that, it's nice to take maximum advantage of every pocket hit because they aren't automatic and the EMB pearl does just that.  It carries so well that actually stands out, even among some of the best balls available today.  

   We truly feel as though this is one of the best three or four balls we have tested and will continue to carry it with us long after this review is posted.  Our suggestions would simply be to use the pearl on conditions where length and flip is the best way to attack the pins and drill it to that strength.  Use whatever layout you find creates the best length with a strong but readable reaction down the lane and then watch as the pins fly around like you have never seen before!

   If you have any questions regarding this or any other review, e-mail us at:

Chris Postel

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Re: EMB Pearl
« Reply #5 on: April 05, 2002, 01:22:19 PM »
I have this ball drilled 5x5 no weight hole w/EMB in 2nd quardrant.

This ball I take out when the heads are burnt and the carrydown is drenched.  This ball has nice distance before it's hard snap.  Takes out those corners but has a tendency to leave up 4 pins (I'd rather shoot 4 pins than corners b/c it'll be different for a change).  When my black/gold stomp isn't kicking the corners or back row, I take out this ball.

Good ball from Track.


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Re: EMB Pearl
« Reply #6 on: February 20, 2003, 10:32:36 PM »
Hey, everyone just punched one of these babies up! Put the pin under the bridge and cg just below it. Left the out of the box finish on it. Man does this ball roll good. It has a nice controlled backend to it. When the backends are fresh or fried this ball does the trick. Watch out for carry down though it will get you before you know it, and you will lose that great control. It will become squirrly very quickly. I would recommend this ball for most players except a bowler with very little axis tilt. Crankers will love the controlled backend from this ball.

Good Luck and Good Bowling,


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Re: EMB Pearl
« Reply #7 on: November 20, 2003, 10:02:56 AM »
Just a quick review from my initial practice session

Drilling is pin at leverage at about 1 o clock from CG, hole on PAP

Used it for 2 games on a 2nd day shot(On Anvilane) with good oil coverage still in the heads and light carrydown. Played 20 thru 10 swing initially and it took some effort to bring it back to the hole. Tightened up my line swinging 15-10 and up 10 and had better results on this condition. Having not had much eperience with active equipment before this made this balls roll an eye opener too, the midlane reaction really smooths the ball out and the arcing backend is super predictable. Will post more after a tourney next weekend.

Further review

Well the tournament was no go with this ball, a rare dry condition keeping the EMB bagged(an Elite pearl got me to 2nd place though) On my leauge shot the next night the ball had some serious hook and hit. With more dry to the right and back than on the Anvilane playing the 20-10 swing resulted in a more than adequate 3/668, The midlane roll again made the reaction super-easy to read with recovery and rack-slashing hit on some well thrown pitches a little further right and some nice oil-line hugging tendancies on some slight inside pulls. You really have to goose it or jack up on it too hard to get a bad reaction at all, this was one strong line of balls so the Freak/Phenom series must really be something out of the box to outhook them, give it a 9 just because a short dry pattern is its undoing. Play it tight on the slick stuff and fire away to your hearts content on the mediums.
EVERYONE wants some of this!!!
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Re: EMB Pearl
« Reply #8 on: December 05, 2003, 12:37:45 AM »
I bought this ball to flip a little harder than my sensor II(yes..I still roll with a 8 year old ball).  I have a 205 average, throw about 18 mph and would be considered a cranker.  The ball carries everything with a decent back end or if I slow up the speed.  I am disappointed with the reaction when there is carry down.  The ball looses energy when you have to move left...just no carry.  I had two 7-10 pocket splits in one game...that's crazy!  I would rate this ball a 9 with any kind of back end but a 5 with carry down.

C-G ProShop-Carl

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Re: EMB Pearl
« Reply #9 on: February 12, 2004, 02:12:09 AM »
I got this ball mainly because I have always wanted to try the EMB. SO since at the time I got it my arsenal was set I decided to put the Easter Grip on it.

I hated the Easter Grip....but the ball was consistant, hit well, but by no means was it going to work in any kind of oil. I understand that was due to the drill.

ball-good hit which is what I had seen with the EMB in the past

Hook-5/10 due to the drill I know

Overall I give the ball an optimistic 6/10 since the drill was my decision I cannot totally blast the ball.
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