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Author Topic: Ball giveaway winner, any suggestions  (Read 505 times)


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Ball giveaway winner, any suggestions
« on: July 17, 2006, 10:43:50 AM »
Hello, I'm the winner of the July 14 drawing, so as a long time lurker of this forum I figured I would ask for your opinions. I bowl three leagues at an alley that puts out a fresh THS 8to8 39' medium pattern. I also bowl part time in a second shift league in another house that uses a slightly heavier pattern with not as much free hook on the outsides. Most patterns I bowl on play oilier for me compared to other higher average bowlers, so I prefer stronger equipment usually.

     I have some info in my profile such as my PAP and arsenal. The balls in my main arsenal are drilled stack leverage, pin above ring on the CM and PPEX,
pin slightly below and to the right on the Anomaly and Energy. I will probably get the epic drilled with the mass bias near my VAL so I have something that rolls earlier.

     I am leaning toward the mean machine to replace my anomaly or the robo rule for when I see a flood. Ok fire away with suggestions and feel free to comment on the Epic also. TIA


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