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New Breed Particle Pearl
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
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Tech Specs
Color - Green Pearl with Black Swirls
Factory Finish - 2000 Abralon
Hardness - 75-77
RG - Medium (2.56")
Differential Flare - Med-High (.054" diff.) 3-5" Flare
Lane Conditions - Medium to Lighter Oil
Coverstock - Leviathan (Reactive Particle Pearl)
Core - Serpentine Core



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Re: New Breed Particle Pearl
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2010, 06:18:28 PM »
New Breed Particle Pearl

Ball was a little over 15lb with close to 3 top and 3-4 inch pin.

Ball is drilled with pin to the right of the ring finger and the CG stacked.  There is no weight hole as the ball weighed out to be legal with 1 oz side, though I don’t remember the finger weight.

Initial impressions of the ball is that there is a strong roll, plain and simple.  The ball is drilled to complement the NB Solid and NB Pearl as they all share almost identical drills.

Overall, the ball really fits more closely to the Solid than the Pearl from what I’ve seen thus far.  The ball gets decent length compared to the Solid, which is expected, and it does appears as though it’s breaking after the NB Solid but before the NB Pearl.  The look of the break also seems to be in between since the NB Solid still breaks, but does so earlier and the NB Pearl, which is later with more of the hockey stick hook.  The Particle Pearl sits in the middle with more of a strong, slight arc hook!!  

I see very little deflection on the ball as the New Breeds seem to have great continuation on the ball through the pins.  This one doesn’t disappoint in that department either!!

Ball, in OOB finish, allows me to play all three of the lines I like to play.  It can swing with what’s out there on the market, for me, and it will handle some oil, though not a heavy oiler.  It transitions nicely into a belly hook with or without hand in the ball and even allows me to play my favorite down and in around the 8 board at the arrow.  Depending on the condition, speed may come into play as well for the down and in.  If there’s oil, hand in the ball will do just fine.  If lack of oil, I am seeing a nice roll on the ball where little to no hand is used and a little loft on the ball to get it rolling later.

Overall, I am very surprised at how effortless this ball moves.  Ball stores energy, without a doubt, and it is explosive off the dry as well.  Could easily see this ball alone being a 2 or 3 ball arsenal and not needing anything else.  With a slight change in drills and perhaps cover mods, nothing else is really needed!!

Great job by Jason and family at Visionary!!  Another quality product that covers something a lot of people have been wanting, a particle pearl!!

I might have to look into another one and drill this up with pin above bridge and cg kicked under the ring similar drill to one of my older particle pearls.  I loved the reaction I got with that drill because it went longer and still had backend, but it's was a controlled back end.

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Re: New Breed Particle Pearl
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2010, 12:19:19 AM »
New Breed Particle Pearl  15 lb Top 2oz. 2" pin
Drilled label leverage pin above and right of ring finger.
Surface OOB
Threw about 8 shots in practice before league looked good up the track. First game I was amazed how far this ball would go down lane with a 2000 finish. You can play a down and in shot with some hand at 15 mph. When I got this ball out of the box I thought it would need polishing but it works well matte. Stood 20 up 10 first game, 19-10 second game, moved to 18-9 third game. 201-212-257=670. Great ball very controllable. I will try some other lines this week in practice. This is a great ball do not be afraid to try one.
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Re: New Breed Particle Pearl
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2010, 10:53:32 AM »
I got this ball two weeks ago. The ball is a little over 15 pounds has a 3 inch pin and 3 ounces of top weight.

This ball is a monster. It hits hard and the carry is unreal. I have it drilled to go long and then snap on the back end. As of this writting I am only able to use it in the last game during league play so I only have six games on it but my lowest game with this ball is 240.

Likes: Nice smooth roll with a hard hitting backend.
Dislikes: wish I could use it in heavy oil. The ball does not like a lot of oil.
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Re: New Breed Particle Pearl
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2010, 06:49:31 AM »
I got a 15lb New Breed Particle Pearl drilled with the 3 3/8" Pin from PAP and the CG stacked under the pin in the middle of the grips. It was drilled for maximum reaction because I throw the ball 17-18mph and have a low rev rate.

Out of the box with a typical house shot on synthetics, the ball had too much length and I couldn't use it on fresh oil unless I stood on the corner and pointed it at the pocket. I got it sanded to 1000 grit abralon and it reacts better. I am basically standing all the way to the right and throwing it up 5 during league, green ball up 5, down and in, all night long. I didn't have to move at all, just keep piping it up the 5th arrow. The ball doesn't overreact or change direction violently at all, it just walks in with a heavy roll. At this grit you can feel the particles in it by rubbing your hand across the surface of the ball, it is rough, not smooth.

A nice strong arc with a heavy roll is what this ball is for. With my higher speed and low rev rate it allows me to play a straight shot all three games without hardly moving. Now as for carry, it seems to do fine, I will maybe leave 2 or 3 10 pins on an average night, a few 4 pins and 7's, and maybe a washout if I lose it at the bottom of the swing but it's good for 6 strikes a game on average. The ball is also good for spares, it goes right where I put it for me.