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Author Topic: Intense Inferno resurfacing  (Read 1923 times)


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Intense Inferno resurfacing
« on: February 28, 2005, 06:04:48 AM »
I just received an Intense Inferno that has had some significant coverstock alterations.  I'd like to use this as a test ball for a couple of things and was looking for a couple of suggestions before punching this out.  It has half of it's coverstock with the original shine taken off and after I plug this, I'm gonna give it a light resurface and try to take it back to the original surface.  After that, I'm gonna look for a couple of suggestions for a drilling.  I've got an Impulse Zone right now that I absolutely love and it's drilled about 4x4 with the PSA just next to the thumb.  So, I'd sure love the next two suggestions.

#1)coverstock rejuvination for the Intense
#2)drilling ideas

I'm looking to have this ball get through the heads as cleanly as possible and still have enough pop for the backends for burned heads/light-medium carrydown conditions.
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Re: Intense Inferno resurfacing
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2005, 03:21:56 PM »
I've yet to actually "rejeuvenate" the surface of my Intense, by which I mean oil extraction. I have modified the surface a few times.

Stock is 400 grit plus Brunswick;s high gloss polish. I wanted to use mine on a medium-light oil pattern. So I sanded it to 2000 grit. NG, no good for medium light. It grabbed VERY early on medium-light. (Might have even been good for almost heavy oil! (not really)). Then re-applied B's high gloss polish. Much better. It went longer and had a milder backend, suitable for medium-light.

Then I had a weight hole put 2" inside my PAP to reduce flare and hook; so I took it back up to the original surface prep.

Seemed no problem to go up and down the scale. Still needs polish on any condition from medium-light to medium-heavy. (FYI Nice to play an outside line on medium-heavy oil!)

I hope that's the sort of thing you were interested in.

Having it redrilled, so I can try to use the original surface on medium light: going from a 4x5 drilling to a 5.5x3.5 drilling.
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