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Author Topic: When drilling your new Smokin' Inferno....  (Read 826 times)


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When drilling your new Smokin' Inferno....
« on: August 18, 2005, 09:14:43 AM »
...did you go with a tried a true drilling or did you opt for something new?  When the Absolute came out, I tried "fine tuning" the drilling(4x4) to match up with my exisiting equipment and a preference for clean reaction off the transition.  What I did not expect, was a big backend discrepancy from the original Inferno(5x4) I punched out a few months afterwards.  I did not expect as much as I received.  Even after about 25-30 games, that ball really drives through the pocket.  Now, with the advent of the Smokin' Inferno, will the 5x4 provide a longer and stronger reaction to the Original?  For the first two or three games on pattern E, the OI is just a little too strong wanting to move about two to three feet too early.  Will the SI give me that added length out of the gate that I think it will?  If so, I'll be able to bowl an 8-10 game block and hardly move my feet on most tourney shots.  If so, mission accomplished.  What are your thoughts?
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Re: When drilling your new Smokin' Inferno....
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2005, 06:20:10 PM »
I used a variation of the layout I used on my BVP Punisher.  Basically the Pin
under the ring finger, and the cg kicked out.  I put a x-hole on the VAL under my PAP to help shape the reaction.

I like my equipment to go long.  I drilled my O.I with the pin over ring and cg in palm to try and accomplish that.

The S.I definitely goes longer than the O.I does.  The O.I starts reading the lane around the halfway point of the lane.  I can't seem to get the O.I out anywhere near the S.I goes.  Plus the O.I seems to be stronger than the S.I for me.  Meaning that as the lanes break down it starts reading earlier and earlier and I have to bag it.  On a standard league shot or practice its normally in the bag before the 1st game is over most of the time.

I can use the S.I on a variety of conditions because it just keeps skidding.  I honestly can't tell when it starts to read the lane because I get the same ball reaction no matter how much oil is on the lane.  All I know is that for me, the drier the lanes, the farther out I need to get it, and it will come back smoothly.  I can't do this with the O.I despite the adjustments I make, and I definitely can NOT do it with the A.I.

So between the 3 infernos I own, the S.I is the only one currently in the bag.