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Vortex II
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
The specifications of the Vortex II are: Factory Finish: 1,200 grit factory sanded Trimax reactive resin; Color: Black and Blue; Core Shape: Low RG version of Nitro R2; RG Rating (actual): 2.45 (16 lb.), 2.45 (15 lb.), 2.44 (14 lb.); Differential (actual): .046 (16 lb.) .051 (15 lb.) .061 (14 lb.); Length: scale 1 to 10 (early to late) with factory finish: 3.0; Backend: scale 1 to 10 (least to most): 10.6; Overall Hook: scale 1 to 23 (least to most) dull/shiny: 22.4 dull/13.5 shiny; Hook Style: early rev with strong, controlled backend.



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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #61 on: May 02, 2004, 02:07:35 AM »
Drill ball (any which way).   Finish cover to suit condition, throw strikes.


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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #62 on: May 03, 2004, 02:54:00 PM »
I've had this ball for awhile but it wasn't until this weekend that I really fell in love with the ball.

User Profile
Right handed Tweener
Medium Tracker
16mph speed at 40 ft
PAP 4 11/16ths over 3/16ths up

Pin beside ring, C.G Stacked weighthole on the midline 1 inch past the PAP
2 1/2 inch pin out
Polished with Ebonite Particle Polish

Lane Conditions
1- 28ft flat condition, 40 units, buffed down to 39
2- Broken down wall shot(after 8 games)
3- PBA Pattern E1(Fresh)

Review on Condition 1:  This was one of the hardest shots I've ever played period.  I started out with a Command Zone Arc playing straight up 12.  The Arc was giving me too early of a read(it's drilled just like the V2 solid) and just overpowered the midlane.  With the V2 solid hooking about 4 boards less than the Arc, instead of going on the same line I moved 3 right and played up and around the 8 board at the arrows with a firmer hand and speed.  What happened here was a great read of the midlane and a strong but more controlled of an arc.  Due to the polish I got a good 3-4 feet more length than the Arc which really helped me in getting the ball to the breakpoint.  Unfortunately this condition was really hard for me and I wasn't able to repeat many good shots to get to the pocket

Review on Condition 2:  AWESOME.  With a house shot with this many games bowled on it before I pulled out this ball and the depleting heads I was still able to keep this ball in play on many angles with the best shot being very deep inside(27-16 at breakpoint).  

Review on Condition 3:  Excellent, I finally realized why this seems to be the ball of choice on TV when they play pattern E.  With such strong backends and the best part of the lane to play being the outside you really need a ball that reads the midlane with earlier flare and a smoother hook shape out of the dry.  This is exactly what the V2 does on this condition.  Reads early, smoothens out the transition from oil to dry.  I was able to score pretty well on pattern E after I figured out the shot after 14 frams or so and due to the V2 being so smooth, I was able to hold the line for a few games without moving an inch.

This is by far one of the best and more versatile balls I've ever used.  It hits so well and it's so forgiving to release errors.  Usually when I find a core/cover combo I like I stick with it.  I look forward to redrilling my Nitro R2 solid and another V2 Solid or V2 Clean to go with it.
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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #63 on: November 26, 2005, 10:46:19 PM »
This is hands down the sickest ball I have ever seen or owned.  It was recently given to me by a friend from TEAM USA.  Drilled pin over my fingers cg jus kicked out towards the axis past the centerline.  Goes super long and backends smoother than anything i have ever owned, does not react different no matter what the condition.  Hits like a boeing 747 i have never left anything but a nine pin on a good shot.  Perfect house shot ball, touchy on sport shots i have seen because in college bowling the fronts brun u quickly and the surface does not allow it to get down the lane.


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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #64 on: February 21, 2006, 01:14:05 AM »
Hello to all.  I'm new to this forum but frequent a board or two on this stupor highway.

After being away from the sport since college team days, I took a part time job at the local lanes.  Having lost all my equipment over the years, and a larger than expected IRS refund, I found myself in the market for a new ball to get back into the sport.  The center I work at has no pro shop at the moment, mot even a vertical press drill for god's sake, but thats another thread.

I took recomendations to see the pro shop guy in a town 40 miles away.  Long story short....Dude listened to what I was looking for and pointed me towards either a One or this rock....I went went this one, being a bigger fan of a duler finish for no other real reason.  I strolled in to work on my night off but dernit no open lanes...but....I can Sub...just by my sanction card and Im off to the races...

Got six practice shots in...and then proceeded to bury the next 10.  And I was erratic.  I dumped a few, that skidded to the dry boards and willed out 5s and 7s,  I lofted a few that dug in almost on impact and came back like a Monnaceli. .  I did stroke a few too though. L  

I overthank the 11th moved right a little and threw it a little harder, got into the middle and skidded up short to leave the 2-4.  288 a'int bad out of the box.  Missed 4 ten pins and chopped two eith counts the rest of night for a 706.  Ill take that.  Just need to get a spare ball...I had no clue what this ting would do on right side spares...

I had a 6 board target with ball on medium to heavy...freshly oiled, 2 year old synthetics...When I last bowled the target was near 6 but the carry was around 3...I carried a few ten pins that was sure would stand...Are these new balls that much better?  Is that why this ous has 4 guys with 220+ averages at this point in the season?

Wow  I gotta shut it down.

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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #65 on: March 30, 2006, 08:11:06 AM »
Hello to All. I've been away from this site too long.  I went down to Corpus Christi,Tx to see the people at the ebonite booth(Jackie & Bill Calhoun) to see if they would drill me another V2 sanded! I bought one from them about three years ago, and I started to have finger joint problems! So I took that ball to pop a pinkie hole into it, and It lost all reaction from the ball So after i threw that ball into the trash! ,So I decided to get another one! This ball spec's are: 15.3lbs
3.05 top
4" pin
drilled to the right and 45 degrees above the ring finger.
cg about three and a half from pap, with weight hole 6 and 3/4 away.

down at the nationals  I shot 531,542,585 I still needed to get use to rolling this ball. It's longer with a big backend, the first one was much shorter with a smooth, but continuous backend. After arriving back home in Lexington,Ky I waited for friday night to bowl. I was never so pleased to see this ball rolling 245,265,215 for a 725 series. So thanks to the Ebonite team for making the Vortex 2. This ball IS STILL A WINNER! I wonder if  I should go to the landfill??????

I just have gotten through with the league tonight, 3-31-06 shot 244,266,226, for an 736 series. Just goes to show you that the ball selection is crucial to your game  .

Mr. Old School
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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #66 on: April 15, 2006, 10:25:44 PM »
This ball has got to be one of my all time favorites. My first ball cracked after about 1000 games on it and has since been retired and before Ebonite discontinued it, I picked up another one.

Right-handed stroker
Low track (high tilt?)
250-300 rpm
Usually around 30 degrees axis rotation
15-17 mph
...more in the profile I guess

14 lbs
About 3" pin
Is about 600-800 grit currently
Pic of layout in profile

Pin 4" maybe 4 1/2" from PAP under ring
CG kicked out a bit to the right

At my normal house, the V2 Sanded gets through the heads with ease, starts revving up smoothly in the midlane and has a nice controlled backend. Usually burns up with the 600 grit cover.
However, on conditions with more oil, the ball is able to save energy for the backend and becomes a little more versatile overall. The ball carries high and flush hits very well and it is starting to carry lighter hits better but more often than not, leaves the notorious ten. My old V2 carried light hits better than anything I've ever seen. I'm hoping this new V2 will grow into that too.

Myself being a low tracker, I have trouble in heavier volumes of oil. However, by slowing this ball down, it is still able to turn the corner and pretty strong at that. One with more revs and perhaps a higher track could very easily get this ball to cover heavy conditions with the same 600 grit cover I've been using.  

Something that I've never seen out of my first V2 is that sometimes this ball can get really snappy on some conditions. I'm not sure but they could have been shorter patterns where it grabs early and a lot. But that is my only dislike. Normally it is smooth and powerful but on the wrong condition, I guess, it can become very eratic and snappy. All part of matching up.

Overall, a very solid ball from Ebonite. I can see why it's been in production as long as it has been. Hopefully some of Ebonite's newer releases can compete with this legend. Hope this is beneficial to someone.

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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #67 on: September 22, 2006, 03:43:58 PM »
Finally making another post on one of the greatest balls I have ever thrown. Got a second one a year after the first one. Have had it for almost three years now...just putting up a post though. It is drilled 6 x 3 and polished. Great length and smooth readable backend. One of the most versatile balls I own and one of the hardest hitting. Even after three years, still no sign of dying. Hits as hard and moves as well as the day that I bought it. One of the best ball ever made and one of the best series ever.
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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #68 on: October 16, 2006, 12:30:50 AM »
This ball is one of my all time favorites! I've had this ball for 3 years now and works perfectly on med to light oil THS patterns. This ball is laid out probably around 5 x 4 1/2 with the Pin above my ring finger and cg kicked about 1/2' w/ a 4000 grit finish.

 This ball is VERY smooth on typical house shots. The best word I can describe for this ball is it seems  like its a "remote control" to the pocket. I cna probably miss around 5 inside and it hold so well. When i miss outside it hits off that dry hard but its still is "controlled" and hits the pocket. This is one of Ebonite's greatest successes of all time. If you can find one get while you can!

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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #69 on: February 27, 2011, 04:37:22 PM »




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):



Likes:I was lucky enough to find one NIB a couple of years ago, The V2 is still a THS beast! This ball begins rolling early in the midlane, and has a smooth strong arching motion on the backend.Still one of my favorite balls ever!

Dislikes: None, the V2 is usable on a variety of conditions, and can score on any of them.







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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #70 on: December 20, 2019, 06:34:08 PM »

Length: 41

Volume:  28

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: Strong midlane motion, super continuation through the pins.  Hits as harder than most balls in my arsenal.  Must have limited edition re-make.

Dislikes: Will not be able to use this for very long on lighter patterns.



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Re: Vortex II
« Reply #71 on: January 10, 2020, 11:44:33 AM »

The Ebonite Vortex V2 is just what bowling needed as the last ball from EBI Headquarters! The special edition lives up to the hype with this ball! Compared to my GB3, this ball easily hooks 3-4 more boards and reads the midlane much better! The GB3 coming out was a must have! This ball is even better! A strong ball with controllable motion makes this a Tournament ball all day! Averaged 256 (257/254/258) with the V2 straight out of box on league night! Get yours today at your local pro shop!

Length: 40ft

Volume: Light

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes: Strong! Controllable! Reads the midlane really good!