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Apoc and Retro Res
« on: May 11, 2004, 09:46:20 PM »
Well......practice session of the summer number 1 was last night.....

Had a fresh pair THS with UNLIMITED FREE HOOK ...right KOTM?

Played with the Apoc in game one....WOW!! I like this ball. I honestly get about 7 or so inches of flare on this bad boy! 4 1/4x3 3/4, mb in the strong position 1000 smooth, weight hole in thumb quadrant.  I don't get FLIP with this ball but a nice hard-arc, a Silver Streak, ...but stronger, yes, ...a Silver Streak on steroids ! I was playing 13 at the arrows out to 5-7 at the break...yes, 5-7!..tons of recovery room (lane induced!) but it was still there. Strong but still never "surprised me".

Now, game 2 I pulled out the Retro. This ball came to me w/ a 1 inch pin to cg. I needed a medium lighter ball,..somethng above my Sonic X Solid.  KOTM thought it would work pefectly by giving me a little 2x2 w/ a weight hole just beyond and below my pap. Guess flares about 2 inches .

I figured w/ this drill..I could move 5 was a 3 and 3 move right,....same 5-7 break point (little closer to 7).  This drill gives this ball plenty of length still out of this 2.55 rg core because it's not flaring much and produces a nice little hard-arc shaped hockey stick on the back....basically a perfect step down from the Apoc...

I like this combo a lot....these , along with my Rush....and I can cover a TON of situations from all angles !
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