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Jolt Pearl - Initial Thoughts
« on: November 09, 2009, 01:36:36 PM »
Recently, I purchased a Jolt Pearl by fellow member 5150BWLR.  The ball looked basically brand new.  Got it plugged, brought it to 4000 Abralon with Magic Shine polish.  Then my ball driller dude and I worked out a layout for the ball.  The goal:  to fit in between my Pyro and my Natural.  We chose a 50*/4.5 pin to PAP/50* layout.  This put the pin in my ring finger, and the CG a bit under my midline.  Something like this...P = Pin and C = CG


This ball gave me exactly what I wanted...good length but a pretty tame backend motion.  It's continuous, but far from the snap my Pyro has.  Very controllable, smooth as butter, and so far the carry was excellent.  I look forward to trying this on burnt up sloppy stuff I see on my 2nd shift league tomorrow.  More to report then!
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