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Roto Grip® delivers more "bang for the buck" than any company on the market, and the all-new Saturntm is no exception.

This entry-mid price ball is propelled by the Orbitertm core. The High RG/Low Differential core has proven to be far superior in performance than the competition by giving you dependable mid-lane read along with consistent backend reaction shot after shot on those medium to lighter patterns.

Traction is the key and Sure Grip IItm solid coverstock once again is the finishing touch on the Saturntm. This milder blend solid reactive gives you smoother transition from the oil to the dry for increased control and predictability. It can also be easily adjusted with the use of polishes and scotch-brite pads.

Master Your Universe Today!


Factory Finish  800- Machine Sanded  
Track Flare Potential  2-3 Inches  
Lane Condition  Light - Medium Oil  
Cover Stock  Sure Grip IItm Solid Reactive  
Weight Block  Orbitertm Core  
Color  Black / Purple  
D-Scale  75 -78  
Available Weights  12 -16 Pounds

Core Dynamics

16 lb.  2.60 (Med-High)  .030 (Low)  
15 lb.  2.61 (Med-High)  .028 (Low)  
14 lb.  2.63 (High)  .035 (Med)  
13 lb.  2.67 (High)  .020 (Low)  
12 lb.  2.67 (High)  .020 (Low)



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Re: Saturn
« Reply #31 on: December 21, 2007, 05:19:09 AM »
Weight: 16 lbs.
Pin to CG: 3"
Surface: OOB (800 factory sanded)

Ball is drilled conventional grip 3 1/2" pin to PAP, CG towards grip center. Pin ends up about 1/2" right of ring finger. No weight hole.

I'm a right handed stroker, med revs and ball speed.

I've changed my release after throwing my Epic Quest, that ball forced me to improve my technique in order to harness it's powers.
When I throw this ball on a THS I send it down the 10 board and it reads the midlane pretty early and then makes a very hard arc into the pocket. I can also open it up a bit by standing in the center and throwing it out over 15 and it breaks back into the pocket if my speed is right.

On dry heads I can lob it a bit and if there's carrydown I can slow it up and it'll hit a bit weak but this ball is excellent for spares so it's all good.
If the lanes are really dry I can ramp up my speed.

This ball is so great for light to med light oil, The core gives great stability and length for a duller solid reactive, and the midlane read and hard arcing motion give me a great look on the right conditions.  Compared to the Venus, this ball reads much sooner and it flips less. if the venus goes to long and wont roll the Saturn most likely will. More predictable than the venus with a slightly stronger hit.

I thought this ball was just so-so until I learned to change my release for a lower track, this ball hooks so much more for me than it used to. I love it.
Roto Grip! AWESOME